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Financial Advice

Your coach Liz Koh

Do you want to:

Have enough money for everything in life that you want and more?

Get rid of your mortgage and other debt without sacrificing your lifestyle?

Increase your savings?

Learn about investment and be a confident investor?

Improve your relationship through agreeing financial goals?

Ensure you will have a comfortable retirement?

If you are looking for financial freedom then the Moneymax Coach programme is for you!!

Worries about money can cause stress, destroy relationships and detract from your enjoyment of life. The Moneymax Coach programme will show you how the key to taking charge of your money is to understand your attitudes towards it. By knowing your “money personality” you will learn how to improve your money management skills without sacrificing your lifestyle. Start by downloading our free ebook, 8 Steps to Financial Freedom.

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Join the Moneymax Coach Programme!

Online Coaching Programme

Based on the book "Your Money Personality" by Liz Koh, Certified Financial Planner, this coaching programme will guide you through the process of developing your own customised wealth creation plan. You will have access to step-by step workbooks, each with audio instructions from Liz and supporting calculators - retirement calculator, mortgage calculator, budget calculator and goal calculator.

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Personal Coaching

Meet with your own Moneymax coach as you work through the online coaching programme. Meetings are held either in person in Wellington or Paraparaumu or by telephone and internet. For more information and pricing call 0800 273 847.


Buy the book

In this brilliant personal financial guide, Liz Koh gives you all the information you need to create a plan for achieving all the things in life that are important to you. This book is essential reading for anyone starting out on the Moneymax Coach programme. It will help you change your life.

It is based on the premise that the amount of wealth you create in your life is based not so much on how hard you work or how much money you start with, but primarily on your attitudes towards money and risk and how keen you are to “play the game”, or - in other words - exploit your money personality to fulfil your lifestyle dreams.

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Your Money Personality

Your money personality is influenced by the things you have learned about money from other people, your experiences with money and the stage of life that you are at. Understanding your money personality is the key to understanding how to take control of your money and set your life free.

Are you a Hoarder, an Entrepreneur, an Achiever, or a Thrill Seeker?

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