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The Moneymax Coach Program offers you a menu of tools and services so that you can put together your own Coach Program with as little or as much support as you need and to fit within your budget.

Specific elements of the program include:

  • The "Your Money Personality" Book

  • Online Moneymax Coaching

  • Get Rich for Life Seminars/ Workshops

  • Get Rich for Life Workbook Modules

  • Exclusive Online Calculators & Planning Tools

  • Online newsletter

  • Take Charge! "Break the Cycle" Money Management Assistance

  • Personal Coaching

You have the freedom to choose either a self-service, D.I.Y. program, or to receive full-service, personalised money management coaching & financial planning assistance - or whatever combination of the two that makes sense to you!

Choose from the items below to design your own Moneymax Coach Program!

This book is essential reading for anyone starting out on the Moneymax Coach Program.

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This option represents exceptional value for money for savvy, Do It Yourselfers!

Your first year's subscription provides you with:

a The Get Rich for Life Workbook Planning Modules a Access to Online Calculators
a Years Subscription to Moneymax Online Newsletter a Access to Online Planning Tools
a Copy of the Book, "Your Money Personality" a 20% Discount on all Moneymax Coach Workshops

For more information on the online Moneymax Online Coach Program, click here...

These one-day, hands-on coaching workshops are conducted by expert financial planners whose role is to provide you with all the information, tools, support and encouragement you need to take control of your financial destiny and achieve your long-term goals!

At each workshop you will receive a free copy of the relevant module of the Get Rich for Life workbook. Register for all four workshops and receive a free copy of the Get Rich for Life book.

There are 4 Moneymax Coach Workshops in all. More...

Is your money out of control? Are you in debt and struggling to get ahead? Do you wonder where all your money goes? This module is available separately if your immediate need is to get your money under control before you start thinking about wealth creation. More...

You've heard of business mentors and personal trainers? Your Moneymax Coach is the financial coaching equivalent of a personal trainer or business mentor. He/ she will be available to meet with you personally to guide you through the development of your lifestyle financial plan. More...


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